“Vamos” is an extension of “Donde”, a webapp created by Genosha for Fundación Huésped, a non-profit organization which aims to guarantee access to health and control of diseases. “Vamos” extends its scope to Latin America, where “Donde” only focused in Argentina. It is supported by IPPF/RHO. Both webapps are able to locate places that guarantee safe abortions, condoms, sexual counseling, VIH tests and/or vaccines. It works through geolocation or by manually entering the name of a location (neighborhood, city, streets or specific address).

I came on board on this project after Ensueño, in January 2018. The website was made on AngularJS with a back-end with PHP Laravel. The CSS framework used was Materialize. The webapp was already online, so I was asigned to this project to fix things on its web version: HTML/CSS bugs, styling, broken CSS, improve UI and things of the sort. I saw very little about Laravel and understanding its structure, because I had to know where to locate the views to make the required fixes. This time I worked on a specific branch on the git repository, which was created just for all the needed features fixing.

What I liked about this project was to have a social impact with my coding, something I imagined when I first started to find out about programming. It was a tool that could help millions of people and be accessible by anyone, I was glad to contribute at least a little bit on that.

To access the website, click on the following image:


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