Front End Developer


Hi! My name is Pablo and I am a front-end developer. I started my coding career in September 2017, working at Genosha. I had layout skills with HTML, CSS and a little JS. They took me in to mentor me on AngularJS. I worked with them on two projects, Ensueño y Vamos (which I talk about on the ‘Projects’ tab, in your left). My job was part-time and remote.

On July 2018, I started working at NEORIS, a consulting company. Since they work with SAP software, I was introduced to SAPUI5, its front end framework. It’s an MVC framework, built on jQuery that works with XML views and JS controllers. On September I was assigned to work on site for a client, Panamerican Energy. They wanted to develop a Logistics app, to be used on handheld devices that include a scanner, which in turn runs on Android OS. I am working on such app, built with SAPUI5 and packed with Apache Cordova to run on the aforementioned devices.

Since I am a bit curious and I want to stay up to date as much as I can, I began investigate about VueJS and CSS pre processors. I do not use them on my daily tasks but they caught my eye. I feel they are quite such interesting technologies and I want to learn more about them, so slowly I began creating and testing things with them.

I would like to create attractive and functional UIs (I love CSS, despite the fact the majority of developers do not), while understanding what is going on with my code and its syntax. I believe that it’s important to fully comprehend what you can or can’t achieve with your code, to see what can be improved and what can I learn from it.