Front End Developer


17 Mar 2019

Rick and Morty app

This is my first VueJS app. It caught my attention its simple syntax, so I started to read the docs...

10 Nov 2018

JS Drumkit

When deciding how to improve my JS skills, I got a recommendation from a friend to start Wes Bos’ JavaScript30....

09 Nov 2018

VAMOS - Fundación Huésped

“Vamos” is an extension of “Donde”, a webapp created by Genosha for Fundación Huésped, a non-profit organization which aims to...

08 Nov 2018

Ensueño - Web Documentary

“Ensueño” (stylized as enSueño, roughly translated as ‘Reverie’) is a project which I worked on in my time as trainee...

07 Nov 2018

Test for

This is a layout test I had to code for the website CookUnity. I used no CSS frameworks, just plain...

04 Jun 2018

Here goes my blog

Hey there! Here I will (try) to write some posts about my personal experience coding and new technologies that I...